Attention all Dog Owners - Great News!

Having a well-trained obedient dog is easy to learn and I’m going to show you exactly how in only 10 minutes a day the way you can train your dog to become the perfect pooch.



To Recap in the “Dog Training with Gary Jackson” 7 part
video course you will learn the following:


  • The step by step guide on how to train your dog

  • The importance of not smacking your dog

  • How to stop your dog from stealing things


  • Why never to raise your voice at your dog

  • Why to keep your training sessions short as dogs learn from repetition

  • How to house train your dog and stop the mess inside


  • Why to always train in a quiet area

  • How to put on a check chain or should I use a collar

  • The importance of socialization your dog


  • What is your first point of control

  • The importance of association of command and praise

  • How to stop your dog pulling washing off the line


  • How to teaching your dog the Heel

  • Using food or a ball and how to use a correction

  • How to avoid dependency based dog problems


  • Teaching the automatic sit and stay command to your dog

  • Teaching your dog the drop or lay down exercise

  • How to stop your dog digging holes and jumping on the car.


  • Teaching your dog the come and recall commands

  • Maintaining the obedience and building a trusting relationship

  • Advice from animal officer and how to bait proof your dog


With over 30 years of dog training experience, Gary Jackson has helped over 20,000 dog owners train their dogs to be well behaved and do what their owners want them to do…What other say about Gary below.

“Thank you Gary, you did great work with our standard poodles a few years ago who were a bit wayward in the manners department. The online program will be great as we now live in southern NSW and I have been a bit lax in the follow up department :)”
Catherine Smith

“Gary had Belladonna, our English Staffy for a week as she was digging and chewing on our house. We treat her like a child and thought we would be torn a new one. But Gary taught us she suffered separation anxiety, and told us a few simple things we had to do (and we didn’t get torn a new one!). The changes made perfect sense and were not hard to follow or keep up. This was 3 years ago and Bella has not gone back to her old tricks. I’ve recommended Gary to a lot of dog owners and would like to send our 10 mth old pup Marley to him. I hope we have the opportunity to do so and cannot recommend Gary’s services enough. Thank you Gary :)”
Monica Norris

“Gary was recommended by friends who had a German Shepherd. My late Alaskan Malamute Montana had his one week obedience training at MNK9 when he was around 6 months old. Was such a special moment to view the results of all the hard work. Montana was a great companion with no major issues to nut out but anyone who has a Malamute knows they are a stubborn breed and establishing Alpha is essential for a lifetime of enjoyment with your dog. Montana learnt all the basic training and for the next 12 years of his life had ‘tune ups’ with Gary whenever I had to go away. Special times. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else for training. Montana loved Gary. Can’t thank him enough.”
Yvonne Whittington

I have had the opportunity to train under the guidance of Gary Jackson as a handler for a number of years now. The training that I have undertaken has provided me with an extensive knowledge in obedience, animal behaviour and problem solving which has benefited me immensely especially in the field as an Animal Management Officer.  I have been able to pass my experiences on to others in this field and the broader animal behaviour / training industry.  I have also attended Mr Jackson’s training seminars and was able to facilitate Gary to provide in-house training to other Animal Control Officers in Local Government which has proved very educational in assisting officers in handling and recognising dangerous and/or aggressive dogs. Gary Jackson has extensive qualifications and is highly regarded in the canine industry.  I find Gary to be professional in his teaching and understanding of animal training techniques.  I have been privileged to observe Gary during his detection work and one that comes to mind is his incredible work with “Chance”, Gary’s Cancer detecting dog. I have no hesitation in highly recommending  Gary Jackson and his training programs within this industry.  I would be happy to act on his behalf as a referee, both personally and professionally.”
William R. Clifton

“We would love to here back from you after you have been through the video course and used the proven techniques shown to improve your dogs behavior and the results you achieved.”
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